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GEToolbox surface cleaner

To effectively clean surfaces before our floor tape is applied we recommend GEToolbox surface cleaner, it helps to remove contaminants, it does not leave behind a greasy residue unlike methylated spirits, petrol etc.

Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) as an alcohol-based cleaner is fast drying, so will leave your application surface clean and dry very quickly.

Available in 1-litre bottles, this provides substantial cleaning as only a very small amount is required.

Please note: IPA is a flammable substance, so use with care.
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Strong> GEToolbox marking tape applicator

Our GEToolbox durable peel and stick floor tapes have extra strong adhesion which improves durability in harsh industrial environments. This Applicator is an easy to use and heavy duty. Learn how to use the new GEToolbox floor tape applicator.

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In stock: 2 pcs
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Helps remove floor markings or can help tapes and remove glue residuer, paint, and stubborn dirt

65mm wide replaceable blades

Offset blade for optimum scraping angle
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tesa® ADHESIVE REMOVER 60042 is a spray for easy removal of glue from all surfaces. It also removes the super strong GEToolbox adhesive.

  • Reliably removes residues of most adhesive tapes

  • Allows an easy removal of labels

  • Removes as well residues as grease, tar, resins and other stains

  • Evaporates without leaving residues

  • Leaves a pleasent scent

  • The cleaner is based on LIMONENE from natural sources

  • Spray reaches even concealed and hard-to-reach places

  • Free from silicone


  • General industrial applications

  • Use in factories and production plants

  • All kind of craft

  • Automotive applications

    tesa® ADHESIVE REMOVER 60042 is a well suitable for removing of adhesive residues and labels at home


  • Color: transparent

  • Solvent based on: dearomatized special petrol, isopropanol, limonene

  • Propellant based on: propane/butane

  • Recommended distance of spraying: 20 cm


  • Observe the safety- information on the spray-can

  • Shake can well before use

  • Apply a generous coating to the surface to be cleaned and leave for few moments to take effect

  • Wipe off with a clean cloth

  • Test sensitive materials for suitability first

  • Contains > 30% aliphatic hydrocarbons and LIMONENE according to Degree (EC) no. 648/2004 on Detergents

  • Refer to special instructions/safety data sheets: A or our product page's downable documents
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